Meet our Employees


Ashim is one of the oldest serving members of CSP. He started life in CSP in 1978 at the age of 18. He joined as a dance teacher but went on to serve in various programmes. He has been a teacher in the Garden for Children Primary School and the Non-formal Educational Centre, a tutor for the House of Love children and in the Adult Literacy Programme and a Scout Master. He now teaches in the Madan Street Centre and is also an assistant co-ordinator in the Street Children’s Programme. He also doubles up as a games coach for all CSP centres.

With his commitment and dedication to CSP, Ashim is among the first of many who have dedicated their lives to the underprivileged. He is also one person who can be relied upon in any crisis situation.

His brother, his sister and his wife have at one time or the other worked for CSP.

Ashim is married with one son who is studying in Class X.


Mita is a graduate. She was born and brought up in the serene surroundings of North Bengal. After her marriage to a Kolkata resident, Mita had been a model housewife but she yearned to do something more. Realizing her interest in social work, Mita’s parents-in-law who were at that time Governing Body Members of CSP introduced her to CSP and she formally joined the organisation in 1992.

Initially she worked as a teacher in the Primary school. She was later transferred to the street children’s programme as a street educator. After the reshuffling of the CSP staff, she went back to the Primary School. With all her dedication and love for children she guides them so that they can grow up as good human beings.

She is happy with her distinct identity as a member of CSP apart from being a happy housewife.


Tandra is the most jovial and bubbly teacher in CSP. With all her love and care for the students she has completed 12 long yrs of journey at CSP. She joined CSP initially as a street educator at Deshapriya Centre. For a short span of time she was also involved in the Home where she took care of the children there. At present she is taking care of the students of Chetla Centre under the Street Children’s Programme. She is also doubling up as a teacher in the Primary School.

Tandra holds a Master’s degree and is a trained dancer. She guides the young talented dancer in a dance school. Due to her friendly nature she is loved by all students and staff of CSP.


Though Rita Sengupta joined CSP only few years back in 2004 she has demonstrated her ability to guide the children of CSP in many spheres.

Simple, calm and composed is how we can describe Rita. When she joined CSP she first worked for the Non-formal Coaching Centre and now discontinued Adult Literacy Programme. In 2005 she was inducted as a street educator at the Chetla Centre and till date she has been taking care of the students by guiding them. Since 2009, she has taken on additional responsibility as a teacher in the Primary School. She also spends time at the CSP Home where she acts as a counsellor to the children.

A graduate with a law degree to boot, she has taken her teacher’s training from Sister Margarita. She is blessed with a daughter who is a software engineer. Her husband is also working at CSP. Considering teaching as a noble job, she has expressed her wish to continue working for CSP and dedicate her time for the uplift of underprivileged children.


Rina joined CSP in the year 1996.

Rina’s father has inspired her to do something noble. So she decided to take up teaching as a profession. Rina joined CSP as a primary school teacher. Working there for six long years she was shifted to Harish Mukherjee Centre as a street educator. She is also an assistant coordinator for the street children programme. In addition she also teaches the students of the Non-formal Education Centre.

Besides being a trained Montessori teacher, she took training on preservation of fruits from a West Bengal Government training centre.

She lives in a joint family. She always thinks of the prosperity of her family and CSP.


The oldest serving member of CSP, Malati joined CSP in 1974 at the Balwadi Centre when it was inaugurated. In 2007, in addition to the Balwadi programme, she was also assigned to the Harish Mukherjee Street Centre as a Counsellor.

Malati is a committed CSPian being called upon to act in various tasks which may be assigned to her from time to time.

Malati has 3 daughters, two of whom are married. The third daughter is handicapped and had been with CSP till last year when she was given leave to undergo a major operation.


Chanchala is one of the oldest serving members of CSP having dedicated her services to the organisation since 1978.

Initially she joined the Adult High School. Then she joined the Non-formal Education Centre. After working there for a year she joined the Girls Craft centre where she took leadership training. In 1995 she was assigned to the Street Children’s programme. She became a street educator at Chetla Centre where she is continuing today. Very recently she was also assigned to teach at the Tutorial Centre.

A graduate, Chanchala took up training on Photo Play, i.e., Slide Sound Programme from Chitra Bani.


Nitai Lal Bera joined CSP in 1984 as a tutor in the Non-formal Primary Coaching Centre. In 1986 his accountancy skills were recognised and he was inducted into the office as an accountant. Though his core work relates to maintaining the accounts and proper utilisation of foreign funds and street children’s programme including submission of returns to the authorities, he, along with the other accountant Gaur Kanti Kar, have fingers in every pie of CSP’s operations from making arrangements for all the festivals and functions and arranging the materials for all the nutrition programmes.


Gaur Kanti Kar joined CSP in 1982 as a tutor in the now discontinued Adult Literacy Programme. In 1983 he was also inducted as a part-time accountant. He was later made a full-time accountant in 1984. Gaur’s main area of work relates to maintenance of accounts for all rupee funds, cash book, journal, bank book, vouchers, payments, etc. Taxation matters also fall within his ambit. Apart from all these, like Nitai Lal Bera, he is relied upon many administrative functions and here the two accountants work in tandem to keep CSP functioning.